• Everything began in the morning, everyone was very excited, but we were trying to control ourselves because we were in for a full day, maybe a once in a lifetime day that we had to enjoy to the fullest! (read more)

• The end of our project marked by visits to the Romanian Parliament, the U.S. Ambassador's house in Bucharest and the Cotroceni Palace made a huge impression on me. (read more)

• When you have to choose between The Palace of Parliament, Mr. Mark Taplin's house (U.S. Embassy DCM) and Cotroceni, you would definitely become embarrassed and ask: "Can't I pick all three?" (read more)

• Thursday May 8, 2008, the alarm woke me up at 5 o'clock, I got up quickly and started to get ready because we are going on a trip. After some time I was ready and got on the much expected trip. The bus was waiting for us in front of the high school so we met up and quickly got there. After about 45 minutes we left Rosiori and headed towards Bucharest. At 10 o'clock we reached the Romanian Parliament, where we had a 1 hour tour. (read more)

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