Who are we?

The Youth Forum Association is a NGO, that was founded in the year 2006, that was created through the initiative of a young high school student's group, who wish to promote their rights and purposes as young citizens, in order to assume a more active role in our society.


• Our association's mission is to support the regional initiatives of community development by involving young people into the decision-making process, and also by offering them the necessary tools and knowledge so that they can become actively involved in solving the community's problems.

• One of the association's roles is to increase the number of young people who want to become involved in the decision-making process and give them the opportunity to express themselves as a voice that is officially recognized by society and so, contributing to debating and solving their community's problems. This way, we want to influence the decision-making process and the policies that affect our local community's development.


• Promoting democratic values and principles in the Romanian society.

• Promoting the involvement of youth in the decision-making process and in the community's life in order to find solutions to certain problems.

• Developing young people's civic identity and abilities so they can become actively and critically involved in the political processes that take place in a democratic state.

• Identifying groups of young people with aptitudes and democratic values, capable of engaging in political dialogs and formulating solutions to society's problems.


• Developing and promoting democratic values and principles: respect for democracy and rule of law, freedom of the individual and freedom of speech.

• Developing civic identity, critical thinking and interest in community problems in general, and youth's in particular.

• Promoting solidarity and mobilization of young people in order to create a group of politically and socially aware leaders.

Youth Forum Association

email: contact@youthforumonline.com

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